59-61 Court Street, Binghamton, New York

Uncovering a Binghamton Landmark

Specification of carpenters materials & work required in the erection & completion of a store to be erected in Binghamton for Mr. B.F. Sisson. All to be done in accodrdance with the several drawings & the following specifications made by Isaac G. Perry Archt. 229 Broadway, N.Y.
New York, Oct. 1862

The "Granite House" designed by Isaac G. Perry, built 1863-1864 following fire of 1862.
Located on Court Street at west side of Chenango Canal (now State Street), photo circa 1870.

1916 renovation: Front, back and side extended, 8-story structure added at rear.
Architect: T.I. Lacey & Son

1961, before Urban Renewal

1965: Urban renewal - Entire structure renovated
Comparison - Before Urban Renewal & Now
The Sisson's Story
Binghamton Then & Now